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A. The use of amplified music in a city park may be permitted pursuant to the issuance of a use permit under Section 12.56.150. A permit for amplified speech may be obtained by filing an application with the director as set forth in Section 12.56.180 and payment of any required fees therefor.

B. When amplified music is planned, the event will be considered open to the public and insurance pursuant to Section 12.56.130 is required.

C. When the required permits are obtained, amplified music may be allowed only in a community park, or neighborhood park with a permanent pavilion, and only between the hours of three p.m. and sunset on weekdays and between nine a.m. and sunset on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

D. The volume of sound for amplified music shall be controlled so that it will not be audible for a distance in excess of one hundred fifty feet from the exterior boundaries of the community park or the reserved area in which such equipment is operated and it is unlawful for any person in control of such equipment to permit or cause a violation of said limitation.

E. Permits for amplified music shall not be issued when another event has been scheduled in the same park and during the same hours that the equipment is proposed to be operated. (Ord. 3823 § 1, 1998)