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A. Vehicles owned or operated by any department of the federal, state, county, municipality, or other political public agency, while being used by an employee of the department or agency in line of duty of the employee, and any vehicle of a public utility while necessarily in use for construction or repair work, shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.

B. Commercial vehicles may park in parking spaces to load or unload merchandise without depositing coins in the parking meters adjacent thereto, for a period not to exceed twenty minutes. Should any such commercial vehicle be parked longer than twenty minutes, the owner or operator thereof will be given a notice as provided for in Section 10.68.070, and the regular penalty imposed.

C. Vehicles while actually in use for construction or repair work upon the public streets, or property adjacent thereto, may park in parking spaces, without depositing any coins, upon special written permit therefor being issued by the chief of police.


1. Notwithstanding any other provision of the ordinance codified in this chapter, whenever a person is physically disabled by reason of infirmity which prevents such person from walking, or which causes great discomfort or unusual hardship to such person when walking, and such person operates a motor vehicle, such person shall be entitled to park such vehicle free of charge for a period of time not to exceed twice the period of time designated on the parking meter adjacent to the space occupied by the vehicle.

2. Such disabled person so permitted to park his vehicle as set forth in this subsection, shall possess a card, to be exhibited when requested by any peace officer, which said card shall have been issued by the chief of police, certifying that such disabled person meets the requirements of this subsection and identifying the vehicle.

3. Such vehicle shall bear a small but conspicuous sticker indicating the right to park as provided in this subsection, the sticker to be approved by the chief of police and to be at all times displayed on the front windshield in the lower corner farthest removed from the driver’s position. (Prior code § 11.12.080)