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A. Parking meters for off-street parking shall be installed on off-street parking lots or structures by erecting said meters upon a portion of the pavement immediately adjacent to designated parking spaces, and shall be subject to the same regulations set forth in subsection B of this section applicable to street parking meters.

B. Parking meters for street parking shall be installed upon the curbs or sidewalks immediately adjacent to the parking spaces provided in Section 10.68.020. Each device shall be so set as to display a signal showing legal parking upon the deposit of the appropriate coin or coins, lawful money of the United States of America, for the period of time prescribed as provided in Section 10.68.050. Each device shall be so arranged that when operated, it shall at all times indicate the unexpired legal parking time and upon the expiration of said lawful time limit it will indicate by a proper visible signal that the lawful parking limit has expired and in such cases the right of such vehicle to occupy such space shall cease and the owner or operator thereof shall be subject to the penalties provided in this chapter. (Prior code § 11.12.030)