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A. The city council of the city shall by resolution establish parking meter zones in such portions of the city as in their discretion will facilitate the orderly flow of vehicular traffic, the most efficient use of available parking space and enforcement of parking regulations.

B. Upon the establishment of such parking meter zones by the city council, the city manager shall cause parking meters to be installed therein and shall cause parking meter spaces to be designated as provided in subsection C of this section, and shall fix the time limitations for legal parking in such zones and shall indicate the time limitations by designating the same on the parking meter or meters or by appropriate signs and/or curb markings posted in compliance with the traffic ordinances of the city.

C. He shall cause to be marked off individual parking spaces in the parking zones, said parking spaces to be indicated by lines painted or durably marked on the curbing or surface of the street or pavement, as the case may be.

D. At each space so marked off, it is unlawful to park any vehicle in such a way that said vehicle is not entirely within the limits of the space so indicted. (Prior code § 11.12.020)