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A. It is declared to be the purpose and intention of this division to provide for orderly and safe traffic conditions within the city and to have installed and maintained such signals and other devices as may be necessary to effectively carry out such purposes; that conditions pertaining to the flow of traffic may change from time to time; that it would be difficult for the city council to adequately meet such changes as they occur and that therefore, in order to carry out the purposes of this division and to safeguard the citizens of the city the traffic authority, as defined in subsection E of Section 10.08.020, granted the following powers and other powers as in this division set forth and enumerated, to be exercised within his discretion in effectively carrying out the purposes set forth in this section:

1. To install and maintain official traffic signals at such intersections and other places as he may deem necessary for the regulation of traffic;

2. To establish safety zones at such places as he may deem necessary for the protection of pedestrians;

3. To mark lanes for traffic on street pavements at such places as he may deem advisable, consistent with the Vehicle Code and this division.

B. Where traffic lanes have been painted or marked, it is unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to operate such vehicle other than in the proper lane, except while necessarily passing from one lane to another. (Prior code § 11.04.100)