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The duties of the Manager are:

(1) To see that all the laws and ordinances are faithfully enforced by the heads of the departments;

(2) To attend all meetings of the Council at which his attendance may be required by that body;

(3) To recommend for adoption to the Council such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient;

(4) To keep the Council fully advised of the financial condition of the municipality and its future needs;

(5) To prepare and submit to the auditor a tentative budget for the next fiscal year,

(6) To appoint and remove, except as herein otherwise provided, all officers and subordinate officers and employees of the Department, in both the classified and unclassified service; all appointments to be upon merit and fitness alone;

(7) To exercise control over all other departments and divisions that may be hereafter created by the Council, and assigned to his management, not in conflict with the provisions of this charter;

(8) To investigate all complaints, in regard to the service maintained by any and all public utilities in the City, and to take such proceedings as may be necessary to correct the abuse, if any.