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The City Manager, or designee, may, upon recommendation of the Chief of the Fire Department, suspend from duty, for cause, for a period not to exceed thirty days any member of the Fire Department. In the event that any member of the Fire Department be charged with any offense which, under the rules of the Department, or in the judgment of the City Manager, or designee, justifies expulsion of such member from the service of the City, the City Manager or designee, shall prepare or cause to be prepared written charges against the accused. Copies of such charges shall be furnished to the accused, who shall not less than ten (10) days after such service, prepare his defense thereto. The accused may, at the hearings of such charges, be represented by counsel and shall have the right to compel the attendance of such witnesses as he may desire to testify in his behalf. (Amended June 2, 1992: amended November 8, 1988)